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The F40 LED headlights boast a power output of 55W per bulb, which provides a substantial increase in brightness compared to traditional halogen bulbs. With two LED chips per bulb, these headlights distribute light evenly and ensure a 360° beam angle, illuminating the road in front of you effectively.

  • Headlight model: H4
  • power: 110(W)
  • Light color: White 6000K
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    model: F40

    Applicable models: cars and motorcycle  

    1.Housing Material:  Aviation aluminum

    2.Power: 55W per bulb  

    3.LED Quantity:  2PCS per bulb

    4.Voltage: 12V

    5.Beam Angle : 360°                                                   

    6.Lifespan:  >20,000hrs

    7.Cooling System : Internal Waterproof Fan

    8.Built-in driver

    9.Luminous flux: 5000LM High Beam

    10.Gross Weight (KG):0.9

    11.Packaging size(CM):21cm * 14.5cm * 6cm

    Product Introduction:

    In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, LED headlights have emerged as a game-changing innovation. Among these, the F40 LED headlights have made quite an impact. These versatile and efficient lighting solutions cater to a wide range of vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. With a comprehensive set of features and benefits, they have become a sought-after choice for drivers who prioritize both safety and style.

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    Production Process

    Durable Design and Superior Build

    Housing Material: Aviation Aluminum

    One of the standout features of the F40 LED headlights is their housing material. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, these headlights are built to last. This material not only adds a premium look to your vehicle but also ensures resistance to corrosion and rust, making them suitable for a wide range of driving conditions.

    Enhanced Performance

    Power: 55W per bulb

    LED Quantity: 2PCS per bulb

    Voltage: 12V

    Beam Angle: 360°

    Operating at 12V, F40 LED headlights are compatible with most vehicle electrical systems. They provide a stable and reliable light source, ensuring you have consistent visibility throughout your journey.

    Longevity Meets Efficiency

    Lifespan: >20,000 Hours

    The longevity of the F40 LED headlights is a key advantage. With a lifespan exceeding 20,000 hours, these headlights far outlast traditional halogen bulbs, which often require frequent replacements. This means fewer maintenance costs and less hassle for vehicle owners.

    Cooling System and Built-in Driver

    Cooling System: Internal Waterproof Fan

    Built-in Driver

    The F40 LED headlights are equipped with an internal waterproof fan. This innovative cooling system effectively dissipates heat generated by the LEDs, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance over time. The built-in driver simplifies installation and eliminates the need for external drivers, making the setup more user-friendly.

    Powerful Illumination

    Luminous Flux: 5000LM High Beam

    The F40 LED headlights deliver a high beam luminous flux of 5000LM. This powerful illumination enhances visibility during nighttime driving, even in adverse weather conditions. It ensures that obstacles on the road are clearly visible, improving safety for both the driver and other road users.


    The F40 LED headlights represent a significant leap forward in vehicle lighting technology. Their aviation aluminum housing, exceptional performance, and impressive lifespan set them apart as a top choice for vehicle owners. The F40 LED headlights offer a powerful and efficient lighting solution that not only enhances your driving experience but also contributes to safety on the road.

    With these headlights, drivers can enjoy the benefits of longevity, energy efficiency, and enhanced visibility. Whether you're looking to upgrade your car or motorcycle headlights, the F40 LED headlights are a reliable and stylish choice that will keep you driving safely into the future.

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