Car LED headlight 3-inch bifocal lens high power

Short Description:

Headlight model : H4 H7 H11 9005 9006
power: Low beam 60W, high beam 70W

color temperature:  6500K

This led bifocal lenses can bring you a different lighting experience. The high-quality materials ensure durability, and the excellent brightness ensures driving safety. It provides a variety of headlight models such as H4, H7, H11, 9005, and 9006. You can find the model that suits your car headlight for replacement.

  • model: F7-3 inch bifocal lens
  • Power: Low beam 60W, high beam 70W
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    Product Parameter

    model F7-3 inch bifocal lens
    Applicable models  cars 
    Housing Material  Low beam 60W, high beam 70W 
    Power  36 (MM)
    LED Quantity  2PCS per bulb
    Voltage  12(V)
    Color Temperature  6500K
    Waterproof Rate  IP67
    Beam Angle  360° 
    Lifespan  >20,000hrs
    Cooling System Internal Waterproof Fan
    Luminous flux  7000LM High Beam
    Gross Weight (KG) 0.9
    Packaging size(CM) 28*21*10CM
    Built-in driver  -

    Product Introduction

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    This LED bifocal lenses headlight can emit a powerful beam to illuminate the road ahead when driving at night, and it can also withstand various outdoor conditions. The solid Aviation aluminum can ensure its durability and stability, and the built-in fan can quickly cool it down and extend its service life.

    Production Process:

     Upgrade your driving experience with the LED Headlight Bulb. This new led bifocal lenses feature an upgraded design that offers a unique look and advanced features compared to traditional headlight bulbs.

    Headlights bulb have clear light that provides smooth and sharp cuts, it enhances visibility and safety on the road. The brightness and light range of this headlight have been improved, and it provides great light output and can still provide excellent brightness under various parole conditions.At the same time, this LED headlight has a variety of model options

    The LED headlight is equipped with a dual-beam lens that is up to 500% brighter and up to 50% wider. Clear tangents and integrated near and far lighting ensure visibility, with 6 low beams and 3 high beams, reducing light dimming and promoting even light transmission.

    In addition to advanced lighting features, LED bulbs are engineered for optimal performance and extended lifespan. Clear tangent lines and integrated high and low beam lighting ensure visibility, 6 low beams and 3 high beams, which can reduce light dimming and promote uniform light transmission.

    LED headlight bulbs are simple to install and fit seamlessly with your vehicle's original bulb system. This plug-and-play design makes it easy to upgrade your dim headlights or traditional halogen lamps to LED light bulbs, providing a convenient and quick solution for drivers who want to enhance the lighting performance of their vehicles.


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