Hard Shell Aluminum Roof Tent 4 Persons For Sale

Short Description:

The roof tent, with a length of 1.6 meters, is perfect for a group of four people. Its gray color gives it a stylish and modern look that complements any vehicle. The volume of the tent is 0.876 cubic meters, providing ample space for a comfortable camping experience. Its size when open is 165*210*110 cm and when closed is 165*132*32 cm.

  • Name: roof tent 1.6 meter
  • Color:: Gray
  • volume(M³): 0.876
  • Size (CM): 165*210*110 , Closed :165*132*32
  • Accept: OEM/ODM, trade, wholesale, regional agency,

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    Product Parameter

    model  ZP08
    Body  ABS case
    Fabric 280g oxford cotton
    with PU coated
    waterproof 3000mm
    30D mattress
    Aluminium frame
    Max bear 400kg
    W ith gas spring open
    Net Weight (KG) 65
    Gross Weight (KG) 78
    Packaging size(CM) 178*133*37

    Product Introduction

    The roof tent is equipped with a 30D mattress, providing a comfortable sleeping surface for a restful night's sleep. The aluminum frame not only adds strength and stability to the tent but also contributes to its lightweight design. Despite its sturdy construction, the roof tent weighs only 65 kilograms, making it easy to install and remove when needed. The maximum weight it can bear is an impressive 400 kilograms, accommodating multiple people and their belongings.


    Production Process:

    BIUBID Guangdong Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable factory specializing in auto equipment and supporting auto parts products. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company has become a trusted supplier of premium auto parts. One of their standout products is the Hard Shell Aluminum Roof Tent 4 Person, designed to provide comfort and convenience for outdoor adventures.

    One of the key features of this rooftop tent is its hard-shell aluminum body, made from an ABS shell. This material ensures durability and is resistant to harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and UV rays. The fabric used is 280g Oxford cotton, PU coated, waterproof up to 3000mm. This means you can trust that you and your belongings will stay dry inside the tent, even during heavy rain.

    Thanks to the gas spring opening system, erecting a roof tent is a breeze. You can quickly and easily expand the tent to full size, reducing the time and effort required for setup. When not in use, the tent closes easily and attaches securely to the roof of your vehicle. Its compact closed dimensions of 165*132*32cm allow for easy storage and minimize impact on vehicle aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

    In terms of packaging, the roof tent is carefully packaged in a 178*133*37cm box. This ensures the tent arrives in tip-top condition, ready for your camping adventure.

    When considering hard shell aluminum roof tents for sale, it is a wise decision to choose Guangdong Biyou Technology Co., Ltd. Their dedication to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. With their expertise in automotive equipment and accessory auto parts products, you can trust their rooftop tents to be of the highest quality, offering durability and comfort for all your outdoor adventures. So why wait? Choose BIUBID and experience the ultimate camping experience with its hard shell aluminum roof tent for 4 people.


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