Best Roof Cargo Box Car Top Carrier 330L

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This roof boxes are the perfect solution for all your car storage needs. Practical and stylish, this roof box is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. High-quality ABS material construction ensures excellent durability and weather resistance, while a variety of color options make it easy to match with your car. With 330 liters of storage space and a weight of only 15 kg, this roof box is truly a must-have for your next adventure.

  • Color:: Black / White / Gray / Brown
  • Capacity(L): 330L
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    Capacity(L) 330L
    Material PMMA+ABS+ASA
    Dimension(M) 1.43*0.77*0.3
    W(KG) 15kg
    Package Size(M) 1.46*0.79*0.36
    W(KG) 17kg

    Product Introduction:

    Introducing a roof box designed to expand your car's capacity, bringing utility and style to your next adventure. If you're looking for a way to transport your belongings safely and efficiently, then this roof box is the perfect addition to your car.

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    Production Process:

    With a generous 330 liters of storage space, this roof box can hold everything from camping gear to sports gear and luggage. The roof box is also lightweight at just 15kg and is easy to install and remove. Not only is it easy to install, but this roof box also features a secure locking mechanism to keep your belongings safe while on the road.

    ABS material construction ensures superior durability and weather resistance. The roof box is made of high-quality plastic material that is resistant to scratches, dents and cracks. This ensures the roof box can withstand the harsh outdoor elements, including rain and sun.

    The roof cargo box also has a variety of colors to choose from, which can easily match the color of your car. This allows you to customize the roof box to your liking and style. Color options include Gloss Black, Matte Black, Silver, and White.

    The utility of this roof box really comes through in its sleek design and functionality. Roof boxes allow you to transport bulky items without sacrificing seating space in your car. This makes it ideal for family road trips, outdoor adventures, and long-distance travel.

    A roof box also adds style to your car, giving it a sporty and adventurous look. The sleek design blends perfectly with the roofline of most vehicles, making it look like a seamless part of your car. Whether driving on the highway or parked on the street, a roof box is sure to catch the eye.

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    1. What is your company known for?

    We are an industry-leading manufacturer of automotive outdoor products and have been deeply involved in the auto parts industry for a long time. We are constantly innovating and integrating our R&D and production processes.

    2. What are the main advantages of your car roof boxes?

    One of the main advantages of our car roof boxes is their durability. We use high-quality materials such as ABS and polycarbonate to ensure resistance to extreme weather conditions. Our roof boxes are also equipped with a security locking mechanism to keep your belongings safe.

    3. What materials are used to make your car roof boxes?

    We use high-quality materials such as ABS and polycarbonate to make our car roof boxes. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions.                  

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