WWSBIU launches new aluminum alloy triangular roof tent

We are pleased to launch our latest innovation – the new aluminum triangular roof tent. This advanced car roof tent offers unparalleled strength, durability and convenience for all your outdoor adventures.


Our car roof tent is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is carefully designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors while having a lightweight and compact design.

At just 18cm thick, this custom tent top can easily be installed on top of your car without adding too much height to your car. Whether you’re embarking on a rugged off-road adventure or a leisurely road trip, this rooftop tent will give you a great outdoor experience.

The exterior of our rooftop tent is made of professional waterproof oxford fabric, which has a high waterproof index and can withstand heavy rain. Available in gray and green, our car roof tents combine functionality with beauty, ensuring you can camp in style wherever your adventures take you.


Enjoying the natural breezes of the great outdoors is key to a comfortable camping experience, and our rooftop tents help in this regard with their innovative designs. Large windows on both sides of the tent provide ample air circulation, allowing you to enjoy the natural environment inside the tent. Enjoy but avoid mosquito bites as high-density mesh window screens provide excellent protection from pesky mosquitoes and other insects, ensuring you have a peaceful and undisturbed camping experience.

Our rooftop tents use hydraulics, so when you open the tent, it opens with just a few clicks. Our roof top tents have a very flat surface and for those looking for a sustainable energy solution, the flat surface can be fitted with additional solar panels to provide sustainable power for your camping trip.



Safety is paramount and our rooftop tents come with a removable aluminum ladder that allows access from any window. At the same time, the aluminum alloy base of the tent has strong load-bearing capacity, ensuring the stability and safety of your tent.

If you are still wondering which tent to choose to start your new camping experience, this high-quality and affordable tent from WWSBIU will be a good choice.

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Post time: May-20-2024