What material is the car roof box made of?

When it comes to travel, for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, vehicle equipment is their biggest concern, especially roof boxes. It provides a convenient and safe way to transport extra cargo on the roof of your vehicle. But have you ever wondered what a roof box is made of?

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In the past, cargo roof boxes were primarily made of fiberglass. This material was chosen for its rigidity and durability. However, fiberglass has significant disadvantages, including its heavy weight and vulnerability to damage. These problems made operation and maintenance cumbersome, leading to a decline in its popularity.

To cope with the limitations of fiberglass, manufacturers turned to ABS. The plastic material is lighter and cheaper to produce, making it an attractive alternative. However, ABS itself is not without its drawbacks. It has poor strength and resistance to aging, especially when exposed to the elements for long periods of time. As a result, ABS roof boxes have not become the industry standard.


Currently, the most popular roof box material on the market is ABS combined with other substances such as ASA or PMMA+ASA to form a material with increased strength, better aging resistance and increased flexibility. This improves the aesthetics and durability of the box rooftop.

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