What LED wicks are available on the market and how to choose?

In automotive lighting, several types of LED chips are commonly used, each with its own characteristics and applications.


In this article, we outline a range of chip types commonly used in LED headlights. Here are some of the different types of chips:

 cob chip

1. COB (Chip on Board)

COB chips are a circuit board manufacturing method in which integrated circuits (such as microprocessors) are directly attached to a printed circuit board. COB technology is known for its cost-effectiveness and soft light emission. However, it tends to be lower in brightness, shorter in life, and can cause glare problems due to imprecise focus.

 csp chip

2. CSP (Chip Scale Package)

CSP chips are a surface-mountable integrated circuit package. CSP chips are the current mainstream and are available in various grades. They offer precise focus, high durability, and excellent light efficiency. The higher the number (such as 1860 to 7545), the higher the quality. However, they require effective heat dissipation to prevent failure.

 Philips ZES Chip

3. Philips ZES Chip

Philips ZES Chip is a high-power LED designed for excellent color consistency, brightness, and luminous flux density, providing great design flexibility for lighting solutions. These chips are known for their precise focus and unique cutoff. They are considered high quality, but are more expensive and have moderate brightness.

 cree chip

4. CREE Chip

It is a type of LED chip produced by CREE, Inc., a company known for its high-quality LED lighting products. CREE chips are widely recognized for their efficiency, brightness, and reliability. CREE chips are known for their high brightness and uniform illumination, and their LEDs are covered with round spheres. Their focus is not accurate and their price is relatively high.


5. Flip Chip

It is a method of interconnecting semiconductor devices such as IC chips or microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with external circuits. This is achieved by using solder bumps that have been deposited on the chip pads. Flip chip is another option for automotive lighting, which has certain advantages in performance and price.


Currently, many automotive LED headlight bulbs have begun to adopt flip chips.


The reason why flip chips are widely used is that the light intensity of this chip is very concentrated.


New Design Car LED Headlight White 6000K


This LED headlight from WWSBIU has 60W per bulb and 4800 lumens. It uses high-quality flip-chip technology to provide a focused and uniform beam pattern. Let you see farther, more clearly, and drive safer.


This car lights has a super long service life and is equipped with a cooling fan. It can still be used in bad weather.

Each chip type has its advantages, disadvantages and limitations, so when choosing a wick, it depends on the specific lighting application and the performance required.

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